Sorry for the hiatus! I was taking a short break from drawing, and that led to a long mental vacation away from anything that had to do with posting comics online, using tumblr, and talking about my comics in general. I won’t bore you with the self-deprecating details, but it was a much needed break!!

I just went to TCAF, and out of the USA for the first time in my life, and I had a good time! I didn’t sell much, but you’ll be able to find the print edition of the first 60 pages of Rigel and the Star Teens at the Beguiling in Toronto now if you’re around that area! Anyway, I’ll be posting this story and the following 4 page story over the next stretch of time while setting up the Volume 1 finale. Let me tell you, the finale is 16 pages of high-octane, fuel injected, formal experiment in comics layout and storytelling! So stay tuned!!